Jan Moffat Osband

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Swim Swimmingly is run by Jan Moffatt Osband a previous Total Immersion coach and Alexander Technique teacher based in Dunkeld, Scotland.

Jan took a long time to learn to swim with many unsuccessful attempts along the way. Then, when she was 21 working in an American summer camp it was so hot that the only place to cool down was a lake. Eventually she learnt to love the cool water. She relaxed and started to swim all by herself! Now she loves the feeling of weightlessness and freedom when swimming. And unlike other forms of exercise she always feels better afterwards.

Since a severe cycle crash in 2016 and subsequent fused ankle, she can no longer compete in Triathlon, having previous preferred the Olympic distance. Now she still does some open water swim events but mainly enjoys exercising her big dogs (Kiki and Bruce) while either horse riding or electric mountain biking in the Dunkeld area.

Before she trained in Alexander Technique Jan started an ASA swimming teacher course, but was really disappointed in the approach. When she did the Shaw Method teacher course in 2004 she knew she taken a significant step towards formulating her own approach.

As a fully qualified Alexander Technique (AT) teacher and a Shaw Method (SM) teacher Jan continues to work on her own use in and out of the water. This means she is constantly looking to improve her swimming and her teaching.

In 2012 she trained as a Total Immersion coach to further strengthen her understanding of stroke mechanics and the body’s position in the water. Now she concentrates on using the Total Immersion approach, but her AT and SM backgrounds still inform her teaching.

Jan is also a fully qualified ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher and trained in Birthlight Infant Aquatics.

Now she enjoys teaching all levels of pupils and she values any improvement(s) however incremental.


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