Prepare for competition

compConsidering a triathlon or other competitive event? Jan can fine tune your stroke using specific tailored practices.

A common problem with would-be triathletes is that whilst their running and cycling comes naturally, their swimming lets them down and they emerge from the water exhausted with the bike ride and run to go. It goes without say that learning to swim efficiently gives you an early advantage in the race as you will complete the first leg with energy to spare.

And what works for triathletes will also benefit you if you are considering an event like a Great Swim for the first time, or looking to improve your performance next time round.

Jan is a veteran of many triathlons and open water swims and knows what it takes to go the distance. For those wishing to compete she advocates Total Immersion front crawl as the most energy effective and competitively focused technique, however she is equally at home with the other three competitive strokes so if you wish to complete your next race swimming, say butterfly (and why not?) she can help you with that too.

To book a lesson with Jan, please get in touch using the contact form on this page.

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