Learn to swim swimmingly with Jan Moffat Osband

Jan is a Total Immersion swimming teacher offering swimming lessons in Pitlochry and Edinburgh. Private and group lessons are available for all ages and abilities.

Swim with Total Immersion

Jan is a Total Immersion coach. This swimming method, devised by acclaimed swimming coach Terry Laughlin in the United States, is much loved by triathletes and open water competitors, but is also appropriate for beginners.

Jan’s background in Alexander Technique informs her own swimming and teaching, and means that she is able to deal with swimmers of all ages and abilities. She actually learned to swim as an adult so appreciates how hard this can be. Equally Jan’s experience as a keen triathlete (she’s a member of the Perth Triclub) means that understands the pressures of competitive swimming too.

She teaches TI in Edinburgh and Pitlochry.


Learn Alexander Technique

As a fully qualified Alexander Technique (AT) teacher, Jan offers one-to-one AT lessons at her house in Dunkeld, Perthshire. AT is a system of re-education for the body and mind that is particularly beneficial if you are suffering from neck, back and joint pain, wish to improve your performance (musical, dramatic or sporting), would like a technique to combat stress or anxiety, and/or avoid injury.


What Jan’s pupils say …

“Jan is a gifted swimming teacher who effectively shares her knowledge and exeprtise. This is tailored to the unique abilities of each trainee and puts theory into practice via demonstration, observation and individual feedback.”
Jim Stevenson

“When I started taking lessons I suffered from back pain. Whilst taking lessons with Jan I noticed a big reduction in my back pain. Since I have learned to swim my back pain has been significantly reduced. I believe the reduction in my back pain is mostly due to the style of swimming that Jan teaches.”
Usman Malik

“Jan helped me to sort out all my strokes. She also prepared me for the potential difficulties with open water swimming where you can be bumped and grabbed in that initial frenzied start. ┬áJan has taught me to be mindful and have patience as a swimmer as the learning process continues with these attitudes and that enhances our enjoyment of each swim.”
Maureen Price

“For 30 years I could only swim with my head out of the water which was hurting my back and neck. After lessons with Jan I can now swim perfectly underwater, can swim breaststroke and crawl and a pretty good backstroke. My grandaughter can now swim through my legs and I can swim through hers!”
Gail Seal

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Learn to swim + build confidence

Jan will help you to feel totally at home in the water, before progressing to learning your chosen stroke or strokes.

Improve your swimming

Your teacher is an expert in appraising your swimming and giving you specially tailored practices to transform your strokes.

Prepare for competition

Considering a triathlon or other competitive event? Jan can fine tune your stroke and ensure you complete your swim with energy to spare.

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